Gosford Won-Buddhism and Culture Centre
has delivered for the last four years,
Soteasan’s teaching and practices to everyone.
Won-Buddhism, as a reformed Buddhism,
embraces Buddha’s teaching and makes
it relevant to our contemporary society.
In addition, the Gosford Won-Buddhist Temple and Culture Centre offers various Korean cultural events for the community.
Won Buddhists follow the obtainable mind revolution of Soteasan’s great teaching. We strive towards the promotion of spiritual cultivation in life.
The Temple offers a Sunday Dharma Service and Children’s Group, Weekday Scripture Classes, Group Meditation, Yoga and Cultural Classes.
All nationalities, ages and spiritual backgrounds are Welcome to our beautiful Buddha Land.

Won-Buddhism Meditation & Culture House
20 Bundaleer Crescent, Bensville NSW 2251
Tel: 02) 4368-2393 Email: bensville93@gmail.com
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